SafeCom Print Tracker

Gain insight and stay ahead

SafeCom Print Tracker records all print activity information, down to individual jobs and users. With its highly accurate reporting tool you can constantly optimize costs and print services.

Many companies have no way to monitor their printing costs. With the SafeCom Print Tracker, you can quickly and easily retrieve an accurate benchmark report that provides an overview of current print costs.

With SafeCom Print Tracker installed on the print server, all print activities are registered down to the individual users. To gain an overview tracking data can be presented using SafeCom Reports or the SafeCom Print Tracker Widget.


Benchmarking – the first step

Companies often experience difficulties in providing an overview of print costs, i.e. paper consumption, color print and IT resources. In spite of this, many have realized that printing is an area you cannot ignore. What they need is a quick and easy-to-make benchmark report on current print costs – and that is exactly what SafeCom Print Tracker does!