Lexmark Document Distributor

Lexmark Document Distributor, LDD, is a framework for paper and electronic document capture, processing and routing that works with your multifunction products (MFPs). It provides the foundation to create solutions tailored to your business processes, including custom business rules that dynamically prompt for metadata, make logical decisions and automatically route a document to the correct destination.

The Problem

Security and compliance risks: It is difficult to meet compliance regulations and enforce standardized processes when relying on dispersed, paper documents. Additionally, classified information found on paper documents is at greater risk for unknown disclosures.

Unmanaged content: Content that is not captured in a timely manner and is dispersed across the organization reduces visibility and efficiency. Staff can’t find what they need, lowering productivity and customer satisfaction while increasing costs. Even after documents are captured and stored, they are difficult to find when poorly or inconsistently indexed — if they are indexed at all.

Technical challenges: Infrastructures vary over time as functionality, policy and maintenance needs change, often leading to integration issues with back-end and front-end systems that frustrate administrators and end users.


Expedite business processes: Quickly get data from documents to back-end systems so staff has information when it’s needed.

Enforce security and compliance requirements: Capture documents at the point of receipt — even from field offices and dispersed locations — to eliminate lost documents and data, and gather required information from users.

Minimize processing costs: Reduce the number of manual steps and redundant error checks, preventing costly mistakes and system slowdowns during the capture process.

Flexible integration options: Ensure flexibility in your infrastructure with connectors for back-end and front-end systems, while also providing more tightly integrated business processes and systems.

Simplify MFP management: Deploy apps, policies and global settings to devices on the network, reducing the time spent on maintenance.


System interaction: Enable a user to start processes, provide indexing and delivery information, and receive real time status at the MFP operator panel that includes immediate confirmations and errors.

Image manipulation: Enhance images by removing skew, speckles and unwanted rotation.

Image conversion: Convert scanned images to other graphic formats and convert images to text.

Integration connectors: Insert and retrieve information from other systems such as an email server, ECM, ERP, mobile device, network folder or fax server.

SDK: Customize solutions using a vast array of tools in the software development kit (SDK).

Expansion libraries: Choose from library options to meet expanding business needs, including OCR, OMR and barcode support.